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Youth Month

Each new Youth Savings Account opened this April will receive a $10.00 deposit each month from Sun East Federal Credit Union (totaling up to $120.00 in additional deposits, throughout the year) when $25.00 monthly deposits are made.1

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Lets Grow Together

Sun East is dedicated to nurturing financial growth from an early age so kids can reap the rewards later in life. As we celebrate Youth Savings Month, we’re excited to offer our young members a special opportunity to cultivate their savings.

Begin with a $25.00 deposit into a brand new Youth Savings Account.

Add $25.00 each month, and Sun East will match your efforts with a $10.00 monthly deposit into your account.1

Explore your local branch regularly to discover exciting surprises we have in store, and watch the new Youth savings grow even more!

Savor the fruits of year-long dedication as Sun East extends a special contribution, transitioning your Youth savings into a 12-month Youth Certificate of Deposit at a promotional rate!

Here are the program details:

For every new Youth Savings Account opened in April, Sun East Federal Credit Union will provide a $10.00 monthly deposit when you maintain $25.00 monthly deposits.

From April 2024 to March 31, 2025, account holders can earn secured deposits totaling up to $120.00 throughout the year, with $10.00 deposited each month they maintain the $25.00 deposit.

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Start Saving and Growing Savings Habits Today

Assist your child’s financial growth by initiating their journey towards financial literacy and future savings with either a Youth Savings Account or a Youth Term Share Certificate.

As both a parent and Sun East member, simply provide your child’s social security number to begin at any of our branch locations.

  • Minimum Opening Deposit of $5.00
  • Enjoy Free Direct Deposit
  • Experience dividends compounded monthly and credited monthly

Alternatively, consider the long-term benefits of a Youth Certificate. By opting for a Certificate, your child allocates funds for a predetermined period, committing not to utilize them. In return, we guarantee them a fixed rate of return.

  • Choose from 6 or 12 Month Youth Certificate Options
  • Experience dividends compounded daily and credited monthly

Tips for Raising Money-Smart Kids

Instill in children the importance of saving from a young age; by beginning early, they’ll become seasoned experts by the time they reach 18. They’ll witness their savings flourish through the power of compound interest, enabling them to establish both short-term and long-term financial objectives. Accomplishing these goals will impart invaluable life lessons on patience and strategic planning.

  • Encourage conversations using real-life examples, like teaching them to save part of their allowance and explaining the difference between short-term and long-term savings.
  • Introduce your kids to a digital allowance system to help them learn money management and online banking skills. Sit down with your teens and create a household budget together.
  • Set financial goals as a family to help them understand how to plan and prioritize their spending.
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You’ve Got Mail

Keep an eye on your mail throughout the year for interactive Youth Month postcards that you can redeem at any branch to earn extra bonuses! Check out some colored-in postcards from last year.


1At the end of the 12-month promotion period, the account will roll into a 12-month Youth Certificate of Deposit with a special promotional rate. The $10.00 contributions from Sun East are secured funds and not available to withdraw during the promotional period of the program or during the term of the Youth Certificate of Deposit. Money will not be deposited if a monthly deposit of $25.00 is not made. Any Sun East deposits added to the account will be voided should the account be closed within the promotional period of the program. This offer is available to members who open a Youth Savings Account with a monthly direct deposit of at least $25.00 each month for 12 months. Promotional payouts will be given after all terms of this offer have been satisfied. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Call 877-5-SUNEAST for details.