Getting options to improve your financial picture starts with education.

As part of our partnership with the national nonprofit GreenPath Financial Wellness, you have access to LearningLab+, an online learning portal that provides interactive online courses to improve financial habits, manage credit and debt, use a checking account and more.

The educational materials are based on GreenPath’s sixty-year legacy as a trusted national nonprofit providing independent financial education and are free to users.

Check out a few of the course descriptions below, then create your free account at LearningLab+ to get started.

Debt Repayment Options: Which One is Right for You?
Finding it hard to keep up with monthly bills? Looking for the best options to pay down debt? A free online class helps you get motivated to take action and understand where to start.

  • Get an overview of multiple ways to manage debt.
  • Explore each repayment option with a scenario inspired by real GreenPath clients who faced the same challenges.
  • Understand the best options to repay your debt, based on your personal financial picture.
  • Learn specific steps to take to pare down debt for overall financial health and wellness

A1 Credit Tool
Are you new to the world of credit and interested in learning about its impact on your financial situation? This helpful learning experience is a good match for those new to traditional lending, or for those who have non-traditional income sources.

The course walks you through how your budget and savings can impact your credit. Once you complete the free course you’ll understand:

  • How to handle common credit issues
  • Where to start when planning credit goals
  • How to improve confidence and decrease stress around credit
  • How to improve your credit score

Redesign Your Financial Habits
Many of us wish to start a new money habit to reduce financial stress. Or maybe you’re off to a great start when it comes to your finances but could use guidance to improve an existing money habit. This free course is the place to start.

Sometimes we are tempted to purchase things we don’t need. This learning tool lifts up practical tips to manage financial stress. When you finish this course, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Information and tools to identify a financial habit you would like to change
  • Tips to build an action plan aligned with research to change habits around finances

A checking account is one of those financial tools that make a big impact on your overall financial health and wellness. This learning tool sets you up for success by improving your confidence and attitude around healthy checking account practices. It’s also an excellent resource for individuals who may have struggled in the past and are seeking to set themselves up for success in the future.

Those who complete the CheckRight digital learning experience are better able to:

  • Understand the basics when opening a new account.
  • Learn good checking account habits and how to overcome challenges and resolve overdrafts

Next Steps to Improve Your Financial Picture

Improving your financial picture starts with free education available via GreenPath’s LearningLab+.

Create your account now to access interactive online courses to improve financial habits, manage credit and debt, use a checking account and more.

This article is shared by our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness, a trusted national non-profit.