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WorkPerks Workplace Membership

Enhance your employee benefits package by offering Sun East’s Work Perks.

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Powered by the Sun East SEG Program

Pathways to Membership

Welcome to Sun East Federal Credit Union’s Select Employee Group (SEG) program – Pathways to Membership. “Select Employee Groups” are defined by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) as denoting “a specific group of individuals who are eligible to join a particular credit union based on their employment, association, or organizational affiliation.” SEG programs extend value-added benefits to members within a diverse range of entities such as employers, non-profits, schools, athletic leagues, places of worship, and more. Members of these SEGs can utilize a wide array of financial services and related benefits – designed to support them in every step of their financial journey. Pathways to Membership – Powered by The Sun East SEG Program is no different and fosters financial well-being through relevant products, programs, and services.

Discover the Benefits of Pathways to Membership

  • SEG partners in Pathways to Membership – Powered by The Sun East SEG Program can take advantage of all that Sun East has to offer to our members without the requirement of establishing a business account
  • The Pathways to Membership – Powered by The Sun East SEG Program is a great addition to your organization’s benefits plan
  • Your membership extends tools and resources such as financial education, budget planning, investment planning, higher-than-average interest yields on savings, competitive loan rates, insurance, online and mobile banking, and so much more … all offered at no additional cost to your organization

The Many Pathway to Membership

Powered by the Sun East SEG Program

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Work Perks

As a participating employer, you are able to offer the Sun East full suite of financial products, services, tools, and resources to your employee base and be more competitive in attracting strong talent AND retaining employees.

  • Increase participation in direct deposit to streamline payroll processes
  • Empower your employees with the convenience of hassle-free transactions, access to financial education and counseling, competitive products, and more

Explore opportunities to expand the benefits offered to your employees, supporting a positive work environment that promotes financial betterment. Join our Select Employee Group program and give your business a competitive edge.

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Community Connections

We believe in the power of community and stand by this as a mission-driven organization. Through our Select Employee Group program, we offer a range of benefits that will not only support non-profit organizations, but also help them thrive. Unlock personalized financial literacy support for your volunteers, students, and other community members, empowering them with essential knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions. As a valued partner, you can also benefit from our mobile branch, providing event support and strengthening community connections. Let’s work together to positively impact our community.

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Student and Staff Success

We understand the unique financial needs of students and educational institutions. We offer a range of products, resources, and tools like mobile banking, Pay-A-Person, competitive credit card rates, debit card rewards, competitive rates on auto and student loans, and more. Our commitment extends to your staff as well, providing relevant financial solutions and resources to support their immediate and long-term financial goals through financial education, investment planning, and insurance. Join our Select Employee Group program and unlock the tools for a brighter future. 

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Faithful Finances

At Sun East Federal Credit Union, we recognize a congregation is like an extended family. And just like you, we want the best for our family too.  As part of our Select Employee Group program, your congregation will have access to a suite of benefits that encourage financial well-being. Empower the youth with engaging financial literacy programs that impart essential money management skills; provide the opportunity for your members to plan for immediate and long-term savings; point them to resources to help manage credit and consolidate debt. Strengthen your congregation’s financial well-being through our SEG program. 

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Financial Champions

Creating a strong financial game plan is part of what you can expect from our Select Employee Group program. Sun East has all of the products, tools, and resources your athletic association team members need to create a winning plan for financial well-being. Score with personalized financial literacy support, investment planning, and competitive products to gain an edge. Let’s build a dream team together. 

Set up an appointment, join our SEG program, or to connect with someone who can help on your Pathway to Membership.

It’s easy to join Sun East and add the Work Perks Program for your employees

  • Our mobile branch service will come to your workplace
  • Take advantage of free checking accounts with online banking, mobile deposit, and bill pay
  • Great savings on loan rates. It’s like giving employees a pay raise!
  • Participation in your wellness, health, and benefits enrollment fairs
  • Access to free financial literacy webinars and free credit counseling and budget planning

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